Sentinel is a Roberts 38 steel yacht formerly owned by Andrew and Lyn. This is a record of our travels after setting off from England in 2005, until after seven years we ended in Sydney, Australia, where she was sold. We owned her for 18 years, and for most of that time she was our home.

Site last updated: 1st May 2014.

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Andrew & Lyn

Recent reports ...


► See here for our Voyage Route
► Our new yacht: Coco de Mer

Cruising Accounts ...


Accounts of passages and destinations, with maps, photos and tips.

Ushant - Gulf of Morbihan - Galicia, the Coast of Death - Pooped off Portugal - Tenerife & Gomera - Cape Verde Islands - Fernando de Noronha - All-Saints Bay, Brazil - Passage to Recife - The Amazon - Devil's Island, French Guiana - Tobago - Grenada & Grenadines - The Virgin Islands - Cuba - Chesapeake Bay - Sailing up the Niagara Falls - North Channel, Lake Huron - Sailing to the Windy City - San Juan & Gulf Islands - Desolation Sound, BC - San Francisco Bay - San Benito Isles, Mexico - Whale-watching on Clarion - Marquesa Islands - Tuamotu Atolls - Suvarov Atoll - Sentinel in a Tsunami - Samoa - Bay of Islands, NZ - Marlborough Sounds, NZ - Vava'u, Tonga - Fiji's western isles - New Caledonia - Sydney, Australia

Lyn's Log ...


A regular blog of the voyage, week in week out, in 129 parts.


(Note: Animations Phantom Figurehead, Winter into Summer and Fishy Story can now be found here).

Excursions and Events ...


Photo-essays of excursions on land and other events, along the way.

Wild West in Porto Santo - Sail Boats of Salvador - Salvador Carnaval - Turtles in Trinidad - A Walk on the Wild Side, Trinidad - The Yoles of Martinique - Petrolheads, Florida - Rockies Excursion - More Sentinels - Our Wedding - China Excursion - South Island NZ



A summary of aspects of our experience, with ideas for anyone planning a blue-water voyage.

Choosing a Tender - Lyn's Cooker Rant - Encounters with Sea Mammals - Provisioning for an Ocean Passage - The Best Cruising Grounds

Diversions ...


Silly stuff, including humour, anecdotes, and other things we dreamed up in our spare time.

Crossing the line - The story of Andrew's cold - Sentinel across the Rockies - How not to catch fish - If you are 64 - Naturist Sailing - Sudoku - Sentinel Jigsaw Puzzle - Want to be a LiveAboard? - Sailing jokes and humour

Contacting us ...


For fear of spammers, we haven't put our regular email address on this site. If you'd like to contact us, an email to will reach us in due course, though usually quicker is via the Yachting & Boating World forum, sending a private message to AndrewB.